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Samsung Galaxy S6 – Battery life and Charging

Photos Using Grid Lines When you have grid lines set up on a phonne, it makes applying the "rule of thirds" for each photo easier. However at grams, it is slightly heavier than most smartphones in the market, including the Galaxy S6. The handset features a 5. It is protected by a panel of Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

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The smartphone also has two cameras, one on the rear side hkurs 16 hors, LED flash and autofocus, and another one on the front with 5 mpx for selfies and videocalls. It also comes with a touch fingerprint sensor, a heart-rate monitor and Samsung Pay. Accessibility review When the device is turned on for the first time, an accessibility shortcut icon appears at the bottom of the display. Users also have the option to open this menu by pressing the home key three times quickly.

Top 8 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge

In addition to Markett, this device comes with Voice Assistant, a new screen reader that meets the minimum accessibility requirements. If users would rather use TalkBack they must scroll to Service to enable this product. Additionally, blind users can keep the screen turned off at all times and configure the keyboard to tap the keys once instead of twice when using a screen reader. Another interesting feature is Voice Label that allows recording short voice messages to NFC tags to obtain information about nearby objects.

One Shot Command simplifies routine procedures. Leave your credit card at home. Samsung Pay is a fast, secure and convenient way to pay without hassle. Keep your Galaxy S6 edge in sync with your registered TV.

It's fast and easy to share content across jours. Get vital information on your TV screen, including calendar reminders from your phone. Same camera, better filming and broadcasting. Video shot on this phone should look good on a 4K TV, and there is a new live-stream feature which lets you broadcast to contacts or on YouTube live in HD.

Only two memory storage sizes. The Edge also has a GB option. Battery should last longer, but it's still not great. With mAh, it's exactly the same as last year's Note 4 but a bit better than the Edge, which has a mAh battery. There are four two color options: In the U.

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