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Bank holidays in september 2016 in kerala bank holidays in september 2016 in kerala bank holidays in

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With this makeover, we hplidays take a small holidsys into social media. Narayana Guru accepted the fundamental principles of the Vedic religion buy he revolted against the caste-based ascendancy, discrimination in the name of caste. Bank Holidays in Kerala during September All the banks in Kerala will remain closed on the above mentioned days. He lead a reform movement in Kerala by rejecting casteism and promoting new values of spiritual freedom and social equality among all the sections of the society. Shree Narayana Guru Jayanti: The two most important features of the site are: It is a Hindu festival which has its origin in Kerala state.

Bank Holidays in Kerala 2019

The septembdr will not perform the usual functioning on these days. Department of Communication. Floral carpet called Pookkalam — a floral arrangement is the main attraction of the day.

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