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Why you should be trading using a currency basket

I think I made my point. You can't have enough tools for checks and balances. Wyy you can trade from ylu charts, my hats off to you. Here usinf C-Volume from Bernhard. The C-Volume spikes often mark the price turning points yellow dot-dash due to price exhaustion. When long exhausted no more buyerprice goes down next. When short exhausted no more sellerprice goes up next. In this chart example, there was only one area where the Gap Lines issued the same warning White Lines as the C-Volume spike. The general rule of thumb is that trend trading is more rewarding than counter-trend trading even with the best reversal indicator.

However, in basket trading all you need from each pair is to give you 3 pips of gain to reach pips TP. The net profit is what makes a successful basket trade. Now look at this chart example.

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Zigzag determined the Wny direction. Trade the single pair in trend direction and trade the basket in counter-trend direction. You really have no time to sort out the spaghetti. Be nimble and not greedy. Game was over in 2 minutes. Entry and exit are marked with dot-dash lines. Game over in 7 minutes. Unlike other currency strength meters, the over-bought and the over-sold conditions in currency strength28 are quantifiable by the mFib levels.

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C-Volume is the icing cufrency the cake. M1 setup: No currency strength can pick out this trade. Trend cannot be clearer than this. Trade signals short are everywhere. This is iGap in the making.

This pattern is worth waiting the whole day for. Ccurrency like taking candy from a baby. Yes and no, It depends on timing. Here is a setup for CAD basket short.

Pip value is less than 1 for the rest of the pairs. Keep this in mind when setting basket TP in pips. Asian hours trading plus GB monetary policy news and something else while I wasn't watching. Net loss!!

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I know what went wrong. Watching the EA real time is the only way to improve aa logic. Back testing in multi-currencies is not possible - yet. It will take one month of demo and one month of live to see if the EA is any good. It is a slow process.

I trade my live account manually as I have shown in all previous examples. But I don't trade the whole basket. I pick the pairs where the music plays. Everything without charts. This enables going long or short on one specific currency, without having to take into consideration the other side of the currency pair. I had the chance to discuss this with the people behind this initiative.

Currency Strength Basket Trading

Can you tell us more about currency baskets? Currency baskets are a trading instrument alternative to currency pairs. Thus, there is a requirement to convert dollars to euros. The American trader is speculating ypu the growth of the European company and also on the appreciation of the euro against the dollar. In this example, the American may benefit from an appreciating value of the shares bought but also from an appreciating currency. For further reading, see: A basket trade typically involves the sale or purchase of 15 or more securities and is generally used to purchase stocks.

However, they are also used to trade currencies and commodities. Let me explain further.

Assume we think the US dollar is going to gain jou. The greenback could end up broadly gaining strength, but losing against the euro. Perhaps a fundamental news release or positive comments came from the Eurozone causing traders to bid up the euro.

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