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On the other side, a Demand zone is a broad area of support, just like the image below. In the chart above you can see a supply zone or in other words a very broad support level. It is also a level concentrated in buyers. As you can see every time price approaches the supply zone it quickly jumps back up. Another characteristic of supply and demand zones is the quick price action. As pointed out above, price action is very fast around those levels, so if there are opportunities they are quickly absorbed. Candlesticks and Supply and Demand A very important element of supply and demand trading is the use of candlestick charts in conjunction with it.

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Although I have written a very extensive article on CandlesticksI will briefly touch them here. The two most important candlestick patterns used in conjunction with supply and demand levels are the pinbar and the engulfing pattern. The majority of traders using supply and demand zones will be looking for rejections or confirmations of these levels. Therefore, it is essential that you can recognise at least those two candlestick patterns. Below is given an example of them both: In the example above, there are two candlestick patterns- Pinbar and a 2 Bullish Engulfing Pattern.

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As you can see from the chart above, price quickly jumps higher after firex candlesticks have been formed. Support and Resistance Levels vs. Zones As explained before, support and resistance levels are very similar to the zones. The only difference is that zones encompass larger area. The other difference is the way to draw supply and demand zones, but we will come to this later.

In practice, support and resistance and supply and demand zones are beasts from one and the same origin. If that helps, you can even imagine supply and demand zones as large support and muutual areas with a huge concentration of buyers and sellers respectively. Timeframes and Supply and Demand Zones The good news is that Supply and Demand zones can be used with equal success on all timeframes. I would still recommend that you use them on timeframes higher than 60 minutes. Anything below that consists of a lot of noise and more false signals. The brutal reality is that confidence in our financial system has been affected by these necessary actions. Attention should therefore be given towards confidence building.

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Going forward and to achieve Vision we should not let slippage of confidence happen again. We all agree that the root cause of this difficult economic situation and most notably, the recent upsurge in inflation, was fiscal indiscipline. We have over the years been calling on Government to address this challenge, warning them of the obvious consequences. Under the implementation of TSP, we would like to applaud Government for displaying commitment to fiscal discipline.

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To further support such commitment, we recommend strengthening our national institutional arrangements such as statutory independence of the Reserve Bank which should be complemented by strong safeguards that will ensure monetary discipline in line with international best practice. Below is a description of each and features and benefits. My Wealth Trader by Old Mutual Wealth This intuitive, world-class trading platform offers you local and global market access with an online platform optimised for connections anywhere in the world for a genuine anytime, anywhere trading experience.

Through My Wealth Trader, you can trade in both local and global shares on one platform and enjoy a seamless trading experience across all your devices, including mobile and tablet. Features and Benefits Local and global market access on one platform. Asset swap capability for global trading. Most cost-effective platform available in the market.

If you are travelling to a destination that has a second currency, traing sure to buy some cash in advance mtual that mmutual have time to shop around for a good rate. Watch exchange rates As you probably already know, exchange rates can fluctuate from one day to the next, and from one bureau de change to the next. In fact, there are also many providers that offer great deals if you order your cash in advance and online through Travelexfor example. Apart from being affordable, these options are also convenient, as they allow you to choose whether you want to collect the cash in store or get your money delivered.

Be wary of credit card fees Be careful when using credit cards to buy foreign currencies.

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