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Trading workstation hardware quest

It is not necessary to wkrkstation to Hardware Town if one already has paint in their inventory. The Sole Survivor may also already have the green paint if a radiant quest from the Minutemen leading to Hardware Town has been done and the Survivor mixed the paint, as only one can is needed.


Exit Diamond City and head west to find Hardware Town. Approaching the store, a settler, seemingly in distress, will shout and ask the Sole Survivor for help. Follow them inside where a group of raiders will be waiting in ambush. Once the raiders have been killed, cans of yellow and blue paint can be collected around the warehouse. Kathy Opthamology Associates CompQuest knows our system inside and out — they designed it! I can always count on them to deliver. Scott CompQuest offers professional technology services and they make customer satisfaction a priority.

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workstatiom Jerry They always look out for their customers. Joel Aberdeen Appraisals CompQuest has been our tech resource since day one. They understand our needs and go above and beyond to help us out. Our thanks to Bruce Kaufman for buying his 6th Falcon June John F.


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