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When changes in open interest and volume are analysed in conjunction with the price charts, they may indicate several trends, which are described in the paragraphs that follow. When both volume and open interest are expanding against a background of rising prices, a bullish trend is indicated. A rise in open positions is a consequence of the ongoing entry of new long positions and new short positions into the market. However, with every subsequent upward movement in prices, the shorts that previously entered the market will incur worsening losses that will be increasingly difficult to sustain.

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Eventually, traders with short positions will be forced to buy, which will add more buying pressure to the market. A persistent rise in both volume and open interest with prices rising is a good indicator of a bull market. In this scenario more new participants are willing to enter the market on the long side, looking for higher levels. When the volume and open interest start to decline, this could be a signal of a trend reversal. If daily volume and open interest are falling and prices are declining, a bearish trend is confirmed. When there are more sellers than buyers in the market, long positions suffer increasing losses until they are forced into a selling position. Declining volumes together with declining prices in turn mean that it will be some time before the lowest price of the bearish trend is reached.

This is a good sign that a reversal is imminent.

COTTON #2 (ICE:@ct)

Similarly, a collapse in prices after a severe downtrend, recorded against a high volume, can signal an end to the bearish trend. Charting The two most commonly used charts in technical analysis are the bar chart, and the point and figure chart. Many technical studies can be added to these charts such as trend lines, moving averages and stochastics probabilities. Bar charts use a vertical bar to record the high and low range of a price for each market day. The length of the bar indicates the range between the highest and lowest quotations.

The vertical line is crossed by a small horizontal line at the closing Traxing level. Therefore, in just one line per day it is possible to show the closing price as well as the minimum and maximum quotations registered for that day. A record is made daily, forming a pattern that may cover several weeks, months or even years. Some chartists insist that a new bar chart should be started as soon as a new futures position is opened. However, it is common to continue the original chart with the new position following the position that has just expired.

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As the new position may have discounts or premiums in relation to the old position, the chart should be clearly marked to indicate where the new position starts TTrading where the old position ends. Chxrt plotting can be done in various ways. One way is to show the first position until it expires and then to continue with the new first position. Another way is to show only one position until it expires and then to continue with the same month of the following year. It is better to work work with Google. China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Pakistan are the main buyers of Indian cotton.

My chart of choice is a tick chart.

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Hi all, Feel a little dumb asking Traxing questions. Since then, ICE cocoa futures have been moving higher, reaching the. Christmas and mcx cottonn current rate New Year future trading chart cotton 2 Trading Hours. Crypto Trading Arbitrage Cotton Import. Feltes, vice president for research with futures merchant R. The futures market in cotton has been held responsible both for keeping cotton prices too low and thus denying farmers their rightful returns and.

Cotton futures scale 2-week peak on possible U. Cotton futures flat with focus on trade talks, USDA report 2: Department of Agriculture and kept a close watch on U. Cotton futures touch near 3-weeks low on dollar's strength 1: Cotton futures down 1 pct on uncertainty over U. The main port of Abidjan is also the primary point of export for cotton produced in Ivory Coast's landlocked neighbors, Mali and Burkina Faso. Cumulative figures include exports of cotton from Burkina ICE cotton futures down on risk-off sentiment after oil, stocks slide 2:

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