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If the types are different then sell however you like, so long as it is hand to hand.

Is Forex halal or haram? For a long traade, retail Forex rrade reflected the market practice of paying or charging to the trader the interest differential between the two components of any currency pair whose position remains open overnight. You might ask how they did so and maintained the profitability of their operations. This was achieved by charging increased commissions in spot Forex trades, and this practice has become the hallmark of nearly all Islamic Forex brokers. Arguably, this in itself is just a camouflaged interest component, and if this view is taken, it makes Forex trading problematic according to Islamic law.

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The interest problem also eliminates any possibility of trading Forex forwards, as there is ttade an interest element involved in these transactions. What Islam Says on Hrade Forex Trading Having reduced the issue to one of trading spot Forex and forsx there is no interest element deemed to be involved, we move onto the next issue. So clearly, the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him had in mind exchanges of different types of commodities that would be made between two parties, recognizing that this was a natural and just aspect of commerce. In fact, one could extrapolate that it was natural and accepted for a deal to made between two different parties. In modern times, it can be argued that in regards to Forex trading, the deal is made between a Forex broker and a trader, so this would qualify under such a definition of two different parties, which would be permissible according to Islamic law.

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Forex trading, also known foreex foreign exchange trading or currency trading, is where an investor tries to make money by buying and selling currencies on the foreign exchange market. Most investors will follow trends and use strategies to optimise their return. But in reality there remain several issues. Leverage To make substantial intraday profits from tiny price movements you need to invest large sums of money, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Is Forex Trading allowed in Islam?

So, to alleviate this problem forex brokers offer you leverage. You can now take much larger positions and increase your profit. However, this is in effect a loan. In Islam, it is permissible to borrow from someone for the purposes of investing to make a profit and then return that loan interest-free to the creditor. However, with forex brokers, they are lending you the money for the sole purpose of taking a commission. Effectively they will make a return on every trade. Many scholars consider this a form of interest, making trading forex haram.

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Qquran Fortunately, Islamic forex brokers have responded by providing day traders with an alternative. To remain profitable they instead charge increased commissions in spot forex trades. Whilst tl suggest this is simply a disguised interest component, many scholars are content with this new method of facilitating trades. Hand To Hand Exchange Onkine the interest element out the way, the next issue relates to the exchange itself. This shows the prophet Mohammed obviously had in mind commodities would be exchanged between two parties, as a natural part of commerce. Solution Many argue the deal is made between the broker and trader, which would qualify under the definition of two different parties, and therefore halal.

So, trades must be entered and exited almost immediately, which with forex traders they usually are. This could perhaps mean though that non-market trades such as stop and limit orders are in fact haram. You are merely speculating whether the value of the currency will increase or decrease, so is this halal?

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This is difficult to answer definitively and it may be something you want to seek specific religious advice on. Solution Many are in agreement with several Leanr surrounding forex that may answer the question. Islam recognises the need for humans to want to improve their lives, including their financial situation. We all must consider implications when confronted with choices and use intelligence to respond in such situations. So, whilst we know gambling is strictly haram, you can find halal forex brokers who have made every effort to keep any activities strictly within the confines of Islamic law. Is Trading Binary Options Halal?

Unlike other forms of trading, binary options offer more straightforward trades then a lot of other instruments, such as stocks onlne forex. The option will either pay out a fixed amount of compensation if the option expires in the money, or it will pay out nothing if the option expires out of the money. If the trader has little knowledge of what and how to trade, then to trade binaries would be a form of gambling, and not halal.

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