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They are lured in by the potential of great rewards.

Unfortunately, these folks have no strategy, they just jump in. The strongest traders take mney losses, but more than make up for them through their successful trades due to their strategy and discipline. Imagine spending whatever you want, whenever you want, without ever looking at your budget! Money is made by staying calm and logical.

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The exact same principles can be carried over into business. Would you invest thousands of dollars in a company because their advertisements make you feel giddy? I hope not. Logic koney reasoning reign supreme when it comes to trading, investing, and starting businesses. When I embarked on my forex journey I read a ton of articles online, watched YouTubers, hunted for books, and logged my trades in a journal. Despite my quest for more information there were plenty of times I made losing trades. Striving to learn allows you to grow, adapt, and overcome new situations.

You may even be able to spot opportunities when everyone else sees a problem. Learn about the exciting and glamorous world of trading, investing, real-estate, or business. This discipline is what separates the best from all the rest. Fear and greed will destroy you.

Knowledge is power. Get the knowledge, act on it, and build your empire of wealth! I spent a fair amount of time in college performing poetry, working in mental health, and helping start a fraternity. I love reading and studying the psychology of millionaires and billionaires. One of the reasons for this is because most people think that trading is only for the professionals in the City. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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In fact, there are ne five reasons why we have more chance of making money than these so-called professionals. Koney comes down to this. We are trading our own money and so can do what we want. For more information on this, please download my book, The Lunchtime Trader. All you need to start is to decide whether you want to learn to trade or learn to invest. Trading is more short term, investing is more long term. I suggest you learn to do both.

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At Investment Mastery you will learn the best of both worlds. Next you want to decide whether you want to trade Forex foreign exchange trading or investing or Stocks stock market trading or investing. You can make good money in both, however, if you are a total beginner and want to start learning some very simple strategies then Stocks is more suited to total beginners than Forex. Next you need to understand that there are three ways of making money. That is up, down and sideways. Most people think it is all about finding stocks and waiting for the price to go up.

4 Things I Learned from Forex Trading

That is just not the case at all. Moneey is just one way of making money. Markets go up, down AND sideways, so three market movements and we teach you how to make money in all three. This dramatically increases your chances of making money. We call it our Unfair Advantage over everyone else.

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