Vanguard trounces ETF rivals in market share growth on low fees | Reuters

Vanguard trounces etf rivals in market share growth on low

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Vanguard trounces ETF rivals in market share growth on low fees

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rtounces In order for U. It is almost impossible to predict whether they will. The fund projects the global economy will grow 3. It also would represent the fastest growth rate since But cherry-picking data can make either argument look better: Fran Kinniry, a principal in Vanguard's investment strategy group, said at the Morningstar ETF Conference last month that while the preceding 10 years have favored U. The 1. Still, over a period of decades, from January through Marchforeign stocks lagged their U.

But with less-than-perfect correlation between assets, a globally diversified portfolio does lower overall risk. Bogle said himself at the summer event, "I do think investors can make a legitimate choice; if they want to do non-U. Those growtth countries still comprise a little over half of the overseas developed markets index. But Bogle's argument didn't take into account the trouncee of emerging markets. Bogle said recently that if he were to invest internationally, it would be in emerging markets, but not more than 5 percent. Bogle has other reasons for remaining an America-first guy when it comes to investing. He has noted that so many of the large U. But, as noted, the danger of investing in single small-cap stocks is they can be prone to volatility and higher risk since their business models are, in many cases, unproven.

It currently holds dstocks, giving you the ability to diversify your money across small-cap stocks with a single purchase. It also has among the lowest expense ratios of ETFs in its class at 0. This means you get to hang onto more of your cash since turnover in the ETF should be minimal. Also consider that small-cap stocks usually have sales and profits that are starting from a smaller base, making it easier for them to grow much faster than their larger rivals. This is why small-cap stocks have the ability to outperform their bigger peers. Since Sept.

Loww it's a Vanguard index fund, you can be confident that you're getting unusually low fees. This ETF boasts a net expense ratio of 0. So with this purchase, an investor can effectively neutralize three of the biggest factors that tend to doom professionally managed funds to long-term underperformance:

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