Options Greeks: Theta Risk and Reward

Covered call options trading theta

If you buy back the call you sell then you have to consider selling a new call. The best choices are going to be to use a lower strike call in the same expiration month rolling down or using another call in a further out expiration month rolling out.

The entire process of making a Covered Opfions trade needs to be defined by you as a trader. How do you select stocks? How do you choose which call you sell? Once you sell, how do you manage the position? If you can define these things you are well on your way to building a system with your Covered Call trading. Please share!

On the other hand, if a pricing model shows lptions is low, current markets might look cheap. Additionally, assume those options have a theta of 0. That means the holder of those options could expect those options to lose 5 cents per day, all else being equal. In general, if this occurs, the level of implied volatility increased. If those options decreased by more than a nickel, then the implied volatility may have decreased. Theta is a negative number for both calls and puts.

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Asset or liability? Once we execute tradjng option-selling trade, Theta goes to work eroding the time value of the option much like buying a car and pulling it out of the show room parking lot and boom…it goes down in value. This is a positive for us because we may want to take advantage of an exit strategy opportunity and buy back the option. Because of Theta we may be able to sell high and buy low.

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Theta also teaches us to sell our options early in the contract to capture as much Coveeed as possible. Most of us sell Monthlys options with 1-month expirations so our obligation is only four or five trading weeks depending on the contract month. Depending on how deeply it is ITM, it will act more and thetx like stock. It will be affected less by time and changes in volatility, and more by the stock price moving up and down. An ATM option has the greatest uncertainty. It is the most sensitive to changes in the stock price and volatility, and time passing. This can be good or bad.

If all your speculations are wrong, the ATM option can hurt you the most. An OTM option begs for a very large rise in the price of the stock. But remember that a big move in the stock price is less likely than a smaller move, and OTM options will expire worthless if the move in the stock isn't big enough. Selling a call short is the mirror image of buying a call.

It's a speculation that the price of the stock will fall, stay the same, or rise only very little. You have to consider the same things as when buying a call, except in reverse. It's a zero-sum game: Just remember, a short call has limited profit potential in exchange for unlimited risk if the stock decides to skyrocket. When thinking about selling a call short, you should probably consider another option strategy that more effectively expresses your market opinion with less risk. Buying puts is a strategy that profits from a drop in a stock's price.

The only practical difference between buying puts and buying calls is that you want the stock price to go down if you buy a put, and up if you buy a call. Buying a put is an effective alternative to selling stock short. Short stock can have high margin requirements, and unlike thinkorswim some brokers restrict their clients from shorting stock. Unlike short stock, buying puts has limited risk. No matter how high the stock goes, you can only lose the premium you paid. Like a short call, a short put requires you to assume unlimited risk.

Theta and Covered Call Management

Like Covdred potential profit on a long put, the risk of a short put is the dollar value ttheta the strike price of the put minus the premium of the put. Because a stock can never have a tbeta less than zero, the potential loss on a short put can be very, very large, but it is not infinite. When thinking about selling a put, consider other trades that would take advantage of your market opinions with less risk. When trading options, you have to refine your speculation to incorporate how much you think the stock may move, how much time it will take for the stock to move, and how implied volatility might change.

Not accounting for these factors is a major reason why novice option traders lose money. Understanding the trade-offs in options will help you understand how and why your option position is acting the way it is.

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Top Greeks Buying an option, whether it's a call or put, is known as buying premium; selling or shorting an option, whether it's a call or put, Cvoered known as selling premium. This terminology implies a certain equivalency between calls and put. It is based on the time to expiration. Introduction to Greeks in Options Greeks are the risk measures associated with various positions in option trading. The common ones are delta, gamma, theta and vega. With the change in prices or volatility of the underlying stock, you need to know how your option pricing would be affected. Greeks in options help us understand how the various factors such as prices, time to expiry, volatility affect the option pricing.

Delta is dependent on underlying price, time to thwta and volatility. Hence, gamma is called the second order derivative. It measures the rate at which options price, especially in terms of the time value, changes or decreases as the time to expiry is approached. Generally, options are more expensive for higher volatility.

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