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I want to be the teacher who helps you learn how to navigate penny stock promoter manipulation.

I can cut your learning curve in half Besst sharing with you my hard-won knowledge that lets me recognize when a scheme is occurring and know what plays to make to come out on top. Want to pick my brain? See how I handle the way penny stock promoters manipulate the market? How much has this post helped you? Take Action Now. Signup to jump start your trading education!

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Posted by Ricardo Sanders Intelligent investors who like taking risks most of the stoccks extend their ventures into penny trading. Penny stock trading involves buying these shares and selling them at a profit when the price rises. Investors, therefore, hold thousands of these shares due to their low prices. When sold, the small price increment can accumulate to a substantial return.

Penny stocks are highly speculative because they lack liquidity and have large bid prices. However, not all who venture into penny stock trading succeed because it requires a high level of intelligence. Below is a guide to investing in penny stocks. Investing In Penny Stocks Select good penny stock broker Brokers play a critical role in penny trading.

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proomoters Because of how volatile penny stocks can be some fodum have made several thousand percent return on investment in one day! However most people actually lose money on penny stocks. Most are awful companies backed by huge debt and promotions. Designed with the same psychology and addition behavior you see with slots machines from Vegas. The key to making money off penny stocks is being one step ahead of the average person. Never fall in love with penny stocks.

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Always learn to take profit prokoters cut losses quickly. If you can learn to have discipline and the proper techniques you can become a very good trader and make a killing off of penny stocks. What are the hottest penny stocks to buy? Obviously the ones about to go up right?! This can be a tricky question.

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Generally penny stocks are about pennh the momentum. There are different reasons why penny stocks go up. In most cases you want to buy the rumor and sell the news. When companies release Press Releases to the public or shareholder updates Volume goes up. These press release can mean the company is becoming more active or it can mean someone has notes that are due and they want to sell shares.

This is why it is important to have Level 2 access. Level 2 allows you to watch the different market makers. You can learn more about Level 2 here. Who should I trust with penny stock picks?

There are so many prromoters with social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Ihub, etc…. So who do you trust? No one. Truth is in most cases when people are telling you about a penny stock they have already bought shares at a much lower rate. Now, sometimes when you are new people will give you a good pick to gain trust. A lot of promoters pretend to be normal traders.

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