Option Trading in Your Spare Time by Wendy Kirkland

Profiting from options trading in your spare

Options involve risk and are tradibg suitable for all investors. Review the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options brochure before you begin trading options. Options investors may lose more than the entire amount invested in a relatively short period of time. Please see additional disclosures regarding ETFs.

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Forex accounts are held and maintained Profitiny GAIN. Futures accounts are held and maintained at Wedbush Futures, who serves as the clearing agent. For example, many potential day traders fail to make a distinction between part-time trading and casual trading. Many professionals recommend part-time, and like them, you can trade every day during the best times of the day and then do something else with your free time.

On the other hand, being a casual day trader means you day trade whenever you have an urge, or when time permits. This isn't recommended, because it typically means you haven't done any real planning, your trading activity has no structure, and since markets act differently at different times of the day, trading at random or casual intervals won't make for a good strategic play. Part-time traders don't trade all day, but they do trade regularly. Casual traders may trade for several days and then take several days off. These periods of activity followed by inactivity leave you less sharp, slow your reaction times and make you more susceptible to mistakes.

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You can certainly be a part-time day trader, but don't be a casual jour. When you write a put, you may be obligated to buy shares at the strike price any time before expiration. There are also two basic styles of options: American and European. Most exchange-traded options are American style, and all stock options are American style. Many index options are European style.

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Option Pricing The price of an option is called its premium. The buyer of an option can't lose more than the initial premium paid for the contract, no matter what happens to the underlying security. So, the risk to the buyer is never more than the amount paid for the option. Learn all the Types Of Options Orders now. Options Trading Basics - Exercising an Option So, now that you have taken your first toe dip into options trading by buying a few options contracts, you are now an options holder. So, what's next? The value of your call options or put options has gone up as the underlying stock has moved in your favor, how do you take profit?

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As an options holder, you are entitled to the right to exercise your options in order to buy the underlying stock at the strike price of a call option or to sell the underlying stock at the strike price of a put option. Opitons is known as to Exercise an Option. How do you actually exercise an option? Mostly importantly, is it even necessary to exercise an option in order to take profit? Learn how to Exercise an Option now. Sometimes, an options trade becomes a losing trade and you run the risk of losing all your money in a single trade if you do not have a well planned and executed stop loss policy. Options are not only extremely versatile instruments on their own but the degree of customizability of their stop loss orders contribute also to their legendary versatility.

So, how many ways can you stop loss in options trading? Learn how to Stop Loss now. Options Trading Basics - Liquidity Determining the liquidity of an options contract is one of the most tricky basic issues in options trading. Many options beginners buy an option only to be able to sell that option only at a huge loss even if the underlying stock moved in its favor. In fact, some may not be able to sell their options contract at all and is forced to hold the position all the way to expiration. So, how can we tell the liquidity of an options contract? Important Disclaimer: Earn consistently high returns.

Naturally, we can't promise that you will never lose a trade, yohr we do show you how to create trades to limit losses and how to cut those losses before they hurt. Trade like a professional. Wendy teaches investing strategies that are easy to learn and easy to implement. Thousands of people are using them every day to realize their dream of financial freedom.

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