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This has been suggested by some authors [ 1 ]. The patients who remained stable for the first 2 years were then much less likely to experience a progression later on [ 6 ]. It is vital to properly identify cases that need and benefit from an aggressive approach. Operations that preserve function and structures should be the primary goal [ 8 ]. The patients who have Gardner's syndrome should be considered separately from patients who have extra-abdominal AF due to the threat to vital structures. Owing to the infiltrative pattern of mesenteric desmoids, extensive surgery results in major morbidity without a survival advantage [ 25 ]; decision making must take into account the proximity of the superior mesenteric vessels i.

Finally, it must be emphasized that surgical recommendations were traditionally based on retrospective studies on over long periods where surgery was routinely proposed where feasible. More conservative approaches were therefore ignored. Many studies support its efficacy.

However, direct tissue toxicity and potential late radiation effects, including second malignancies, are important considerations in the treatment of otherwise healthy, often, young patients [ 27 ]. The use of radiotherapy in children with AF should therefore be highly limited. Nuyttens et al. Patients were treated from to with surgery alone, radiotherapy alone or surgery plus radiotherapy.

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Local control rates after surgery were dependent on the status of margins: Radiotherapy neagtive or surgery and radiotherapy resulted in better local control than surgery alone. Even after dividing the groups optjon cases with clear and positive margins, and cases with primary and recurrent tumors, the best local control was achieved with radiotherapy alone or surgery and radiotherapy. In a multicenter study, Baumert et al. In the study reported by Guadagnolo et al. The median time to radiation-related complications was 33 months and included localized fibrosis, soft-tissue necrosis, paresthesia, pathological fractures, edema, and rarely vascular complications requiring amputation or secondary malignancies [ 2829 ].

Anderson Cancer Center — with a previously published series from the same institution and Significantly increased systemic therapy was used resectuon the more recent time period with a decreased reliance on surgery alone. In the past, we could maybe perform surgery on 15 percent of patients, now we can operate on 40 to 50 percent of patients. And for a disease like pancreatic cancer that is so very important. Chabot notes that most patients do well because of excellent post-operative care.

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He emphasizes that patients should seek second surgical opinions at so-called high-volume centers, meaning those centers that treat high numbers of pancreatic cancer patients through a multidisciplinary approach. Every person on that team will play a role in how well a patient does. Grossing is defined as examination and dissection of surgical specimens along with preparation of section from the tissue requiring microscopic examination. In a malignancy, the further management understandably depends on whether the excision margins are clear or not.

Thus the accurate and timely reporting on the status of margins is of utmost kption. This review resectipn provides guideline to carry out the grossing procedure especially using multicolored inks. General principles of grossing Complete information data regarding the demographic and clinical profile of the case should be provided in the requisition form including the details of any previous biopsies undertaken. Larger specimens are ideally grossed in the fresh state while the small biopsies after an overnight fixation. If use of ancillary techniques is anticipated the tissue should be handled accordingly.

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The surgeon makes a small cut, or incision, in the breast over or near the abnormal area. The surgeon o;tion the abnormal area or tumour along with a maegin of healthy tissue around it. After removing the abnormal area or tumour, the surgeon closes the skin with stitches called sutures or special staples. A bandage or dressing is placed over the wound. The healthcare team will remove the stitches or staples once the incision heals. Some types of stitches pu on their own. After breast-conserving surgery The healthcare team sends the breast tissue to a lab. A pathologist a doctor who specializes in the causes and nature of disease examines the edges of the tissue sample for cancer cells.

If there are cancer cells in the edges of the removed tissue, it is reported as positive margins. The surgeon will need to remove more tissue because the cancer cells left behind can grow into another tumour or spread. Another breast-conserving surgery is done to remove more breast tissue from the same surgical site, or a mastectomy is done to remove all of the breast tissue. Mastectomy A mastectomy removes all of the breast. It is used to treat tumours that are large compared to the size of the breast. It may be used when the cancer is in more than one area of the breast, or if there are positive margins after breast-conserving surgery. A mastectomy is also done if cancer comes back, or recurs, in the breast after breast-conserving surgery and radiation therapy.

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You may also choose to have a mastectomy instead of breast-conserving surgery. O;tion of mastectomy The following types of mastectomy may be offered. Total mastectomy A total mastectomy, or simple mastectomy, removes all of the breast and the tissue that covers the chest muscles called the pectoral fascia.

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