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You can get this advice from: The social worker will try Puting balance your best interests with the best interests of your child. Social workers are there to help, but if for whatever reason vhild are worried or not ifeland about any aspect of the Puting process, you can contact one of the organisations listed below to talk through how you are feeling, and decide if you want to continue. You will be asked to give a bit of personal information about yourself, your family and your family's health. This is for the adoptive parents to be able to share with the child later on.

However, although preparations for the adoption can begin before your child is born, nothing will be arranged for certain until after the birth. You will be completely free to change your mind, even after the birth. You are doing what you think is right for you and for your baby. Whatever decision you make, it does not make you a bad person, no matter what anyone else might say!

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If you are worried or upset, you can contact any of the groups listed below for advice and help at any time. Adoption and the law Adoptions are arranged by adoption agencies but are made legal by the courts. So the adoption process kp mainly left up to adults, and the child has little say in actually putting themselves up for adoption. Another process would be that a child and their legal guardians, their birth parents, decide that it is in fact better for the child to live with adoptive parents. Advertisement The parents would then relinquish all of their legal rights to their child in court so the child could be put up for adoption, the child could already have another family member or friend who is waiting to adopt them or they could have to go through the process of being allocated to adoptive parents.

Most children adopted in the UK today are under the age of five, and they are put up for adoption because the court order that they were being abused or neglected and it was in the best interest of the child to be adopted. Just 50 children were adopted through intercountry adoption. Last year also saw 23 adopted people have their birth certificates released by the Adoption Authority of Ireland. Original birth certs are released when the birth mother agrees or when she has died. Those 23 people and their families saw another chapter of their adoption story unfold.

Today, there are supports for all sides of what is known as the 'adoption triangle': On one side there is the birth parents, on the other the adoptive parents, and on the third the adoptee. But all sides meet, and are interdependent on the others. Here, three women - one from each side of the triangle - tell their adoption stories. I was 20 at the time, but I was an immature 20 year old. I couldn't see myself staying with her father forever, and I wanted her to have a mum and dad; I wanted her to have everything and I didn't think I could give her everything.

I considered travelling to England, but in the end I just couldn't do it. When she was a few months old, I met her new parents. I'm glad I met them.

I remember the dad saying that he was more nervous meeting me than on his wedding day, and Pugting me adoptioon transforming their lives. I remember at the time I had insisted they were Catholic. For the first few years I found out details about her life, but it was just too difficult to keep that up. For me, to have adopted is like grieving but there has been no death. It's never gone away.

It has been a great sadness in my life, and has affected most of my relationships because I've never forgiven myself. It gets harder instead of easier as other friends around me have given birth, and I've gained nieces and nephews. There have been times when I've felt really jealous. My siblings, parents and close friends know about the adoption, but I rarely talk to my family about it. There is a stigma around adopting. I was counting down the days until she was 18, and I had convinced myself that she was going to contact me. Weeks later, when the adoption had been approved, I was told that Alex wanted to meet me. I was utterly terrified. I thought she'd walk into my immaculate house and see all my nice things and think: Why is she giving away her baby?

But Alex walked in through the door and said: Looking back, at the time, I was falling apart. Alex saved me. Nathan went to Alex when he was eight months old, having remained in foster care up to that point. Even up until the final hour, I kept having panic attacks. By now, I was pregnant again. I didn't want to replace Nathan, but I felt that without another baby to hold, I would just fall apart.

Child adoption

Alex sent me a postcard after a few weeks, and said Nathan had settled down. On Christmas Day, she rang to thank me for a gift I'd sent to Nathan. On Nathan's first birthday, she caught the train from Manchester and we met for three hours. I hardly recognised my own son. He was so happy and healthy, and was lying on his front and lifting his head.

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I was buzzing with happiness just to see him again. Over the years, I chiod to see Nathan on his birthdays, just jk Christmas, and once for a summer party at Alex's house. My marriage split up within two years of Nathan's adoption and I know it was largely because of my husband's failure to support me over our baby. I resented the fact that I had been so alone and so vulnerable.

I still live Puutting the guilt that I gave Nathan away. I think of him every morning when I wake, and every night as Irelnad go to bed. I often think: Adoptoin could have been a proper family. Nathan was the fourth child she adopted. I first saw Nathan beaming up at me from a photo in an adoption magazine. Here was this beautiful happy little baby, and just three lines written underneath, saying: Down's syndrome. No complications. It may help you to talk with someone who can tell you more, such as: Click here for advice and information if you are pregnant and thinking of adoption.

This is to make sure you know exactly what the adoption involves, and to talk about all your options. This is what some women say about adoption or fostering:

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