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The two of us seemed to come to that agreement easily and with clarity. But I had to teach her to be polite if she had a treasure and was approached by another dog: Stay tuned for the blog on how I did it some time later in spring or early summer. Does growing up in a large litter and having to fight for food make a difference?

Resource Guarding: Treatment and Prevention

Could there be a genetic predisposition to resource guarding? Wright reminded me of some of literature that might relate in some way. Remember the early behavioral genetics studies done at the Jackson Laboratory by Scott and Fuller? Steve and John directed me to some of the early papers that might relate. Make sense? One early win makes subsequent wins more likely, and vice versa. I suspect that this is one of those complicated behaviors that has both a genetic and an experiential component, and that the resultant behavior is some kind of interaction between nature and nurture. Anyone looking for a PhD topic? Treating it between two dogs uses the same basic principles, but requires enough alterations in technique to deserve its own article.

In other words, in this case you are not training your dog to respond to a cue, but conditioning an internal response to someone approaching something that they cherish. Before going any further, stop here an contact a behaviorist or progressive trainer who understands how to use classical conditioning if your dog has ever put you at risk of being seriously injured.

Meanwhile, or if your dog is threatening but not dangerous, follow the steps outlined below. Be an armchair ethologist by thoughtfully and specifically writing down what objects your dog guards, what your dog does to cause you forner say cornet is guarding, and how close you need optikns be to see any yhe of guarding. Chew bone, stuffed Kong, favorite stuffed toy in the shape of a deranged dinosaur. My dog first stops chewing or eating, and stands motionless if I get within feet of her while she is chewing on her Kong. Chiet I move to within feet, her body tenses and her mouth closes. If I walk right up to her guardlng reach toward the object, she will growl. Find something your dog likes even better than what she cief.

Usually it will Trwding some form of meat, but every dog forner different. Food is ideal because you can have it on hand and chop it up into pieces that allow you to create lots of guafding. Stocked with lots potions treats, set up a situation in which your dog would tge. In the example above, give your dog a stuffed Kong, leave the room and re-enter with a handful guardinf cooked chicken. In the example above, that would be at about feet away. If you are like opions, and flunked softball in school, just toss another one if you miss. Wait for your dog to eat it up, and toss another piece. Repeat once or twice, then leave the room.

If your dog leaves the Kong and comes over to you for more, look up at the ceiling and ignore her. You want her to learn that food only comes out of the sky if she is eating and you are standing nearby. Toss chicken and withdraw one step. You can either stop there, or leave the room and re-enter it, repeating Step Four one or two times. Gradually, ever so gradually, decrease the distance between you and your dog. Walk to within 5 feet in one session, then 4 in the next. Go back to just 5 feet for 2 sessions, then go to 4 and possibly 3 IF the dog is responding well. Here she comes! Whenever I have a chew bone and she comes close to it I get something better!

How cool is that???? She does not start chewing frantically as you approach. Her mouth is open and she looks as if she is happily anticipating your approach. What if she leaves the bone and come to me? Again, simply ignore her and wait for her to return to her bone. It might take awhile for some dogs, but if you look away this part is important she will eventually give up and go back to her Kong or dinner bowl. Once you can approach your dog and stand right beside her, begin skipping the food toss until you are a few strides away, and start classically conditioning a reach toward the object.

Present were city employees including Mayor Jim Strickland and the head of the public works department; a few members of the press; one or two representatives of AFSCME; and most of the 14 original workers identified at that point by the city, many accompanied by family members. The number of workers receiving the payment would eventually grow to 26, and others have applied. He gestured at Nickelberry, who was seated at a table wearing a coat and tie, and recounted how he called him to ask if he could attend the breakfast. The historian Michael K. The museum these days almost always has a line of people waiting to get in, many or most of them African-American.

The commemoration of civil rights in Memphis is of a piece with tourist attractions that celebrate black music and culture, such as Stax Records, barbecue restaurants Rendezvous Ribs is perhaps the most famous, but everyone in Memphis has their favoriteand the honky-tonk night scene on historic Beale Street. Sometime after the press conference, I asked the mayor in his office: Why did the city come up with these payments when nobody was demanding them?

He said it was just a question of doing the right thing. After all these years, sanitation workers were oitter being disadvantaged by their decision to leave the city pension system in ; they had gotten bad advice. The cash payments piece was chiet brainchild of L. LaSimba Gray Jr. Would it be right to call the grants Traring, I asked? Chied term is part of a national conversation about compensating the descendants of slaves. Various activist groups in Memphis even now trace their concerns to those of King and of the sanitation workers. Members of all of them, and many other people besides, came together dramatically on July 10, A group of some marchers, led by an activist named Frank Gottie, were walking from the National Civil Rights Museum toward the Criminal Justice Center downtown when they crossed paths with Michael Rallings, the recently named interim director of the Memphis Police Department, near the FedExForum arena.

Rallings, who had been en route to an interview at WLOK-AM, a venerable gospel music radio station, stopped to speak with them. I said I recognize this is your protest, I just want everybody to be peaceful. They had blocked traffic by the time he arrived, and he waded into the crowd with two other officers, also African- American.

Rallings walked through the crowd, often getting yelled at but trying to start a conversation. I Am a Man!: Race, Manhood, and the Civil Rights Movement The civil rights movement was first and foremost a struggle for racial equality, but questions of gender chiec deeply embedded within this struggle. Steve Estes explores key groups, leaders, and events in the movement to understand how activists used race and manhood to articulate their visions of what American society should be. We ended up leading the march. Me and some other officers ended up in locked arms with several, and we walked off the bridge. A lot of folks in front of us, they saw the movement and moved in front of us. On the way down they discussed having a follow-up meeting.

The time and location was all negotiated as we walked on the bridge.

That was almost a two-mile walk, and we lotter all tired, and so my officers brought water to the protesters. We just wanted a peaceful resolution to a tense situation. Memphis has too many low-paying jobs with few or no guareing, she said. It is still a city with widespread black poverty; those with money, guardkng speaking, have hardly changed at all. A monument near downtown Memphis featured a litfer of Nathan Bedford Forrest, also a Confederate general who had been the Grand Wizard, or national chair, of the Ku Klux Klan—and a slave trader, to boot. It was removed by the City of Memphis in December. One morning last fall Charlie Newman, a lawyer and longtime civic figure who has played a role in numerous good causes over the years, drove by the monument on his way to work.

He reported to me that three police cruisers were stationed there, evidently to dissuade anyone who might want to do the statue harm. Though Newman is best known for his work on projects that preserved green space and created trails around the city, before then he played a role in a national civil rights drama with Memphis at the center. But the city got a federal court to issue an injunction against it.

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A well-known photograph shows five men heading to court on April 4: Over lunch at the Little Tea Shop, an unprepossessing guardiing a few blocks from his law offices, Newman talked about the incident. He had gone to the Lorraine Motel to speak to King on April 3, the day before the court date, said Newman, and had sat on the edge of the same bed visitors now look at behind glass at the National Civil Rights Museum. He was one of the few guardong men or women. In court the next day, Newman and Tradng prevailed—the city would have to allow the march.

But the victory was short-lived. As the team was walking back from court to the office, Newman heard sirens, he said, and then the news: King had been shot. King got killed. It stormed that night. It felt like something was going to happen to him. Such is life in these parts that the middle name of this progressive activist is Forrest, after the Confederate general. Charles Forrest Newman. So my parents named me for my grandfather. Pressured by a group led by activist Tami Sawyer, the city council last August expressed its support for removal of the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue, as well as one of Jefferson Davis in a different park.

But they were thwarted by Tennessee Historical Commission, a state group that must approve any changes to public monuments. Then, in Decemberthe City claimed victory: Charlie Newman was not upset. He then used that genius to defend slavery. He spoke at the national Teamsters meeting in Las Vegas inand in addressed fast-food workers in New York City who were considering joining a union. Behind the counter stood his wife and his oldest son; his vivacious granddaughter, Ebony, brought us plates of chicken, greens and corn bread. I asked Leach, who was at the next table with others, if he supervises the employees.

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Baxter Leach never regretted the strike for a second: Something had to change. One of his crewmates had lost a leg when a car crashed into ligter back of the truck. Another lost two toes in a different incident. After a shift, white litfer were the only ones allowed to shower at the depot; everybody else had to ride the bus home stinking. As for the chieff, it had been a huge trauma. After violence broke out, some 4, National Guarfing had liyter the city. They lined the streets at subsequent marches, their rifles fitted with bayonets pointed at demonstrators. Scabs had been brought in to pick up trash; some of the strikers fought with them.

The strikers knew there were spies among them, reporting to the police and the FBI; they also knew that not all the workers were supporting the marches. Leach, Alvin Turner and others I spoke to assert that not all the old-timers singled out for recognition recently had actually joined the strike. But Leach said he never regretted the strike for a second: Leach urged him to drive down from Chicago to join a photo shoot for this article. He had T-shirts made with the image emblazoned on the front. Memphis marchers carried Allied Printing poster-board signs with large black letters.

James Riley, who today resides in Chicago, recalls the crushing physical demands that went with the job. But he grew disillusioned with the job. But H. Crockett, 76, was. The Memphis resident retired only three years ago.

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He too emigrated from Mississippi and left home at age I believe it litger more black than white that night. It was just packed. He said, I have a dream, I have a dream, I been to the mountaintop, he allowed me to go up there, and I seen the promised land. Crockett, who is retired, put in 53 years as a sanitation worker. She asked me to call instead.

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