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What is pinning in options trading

This is done so that the trader will be flat IBM stock after expiration.

Options Slang Explained: 'Pinning the Strike'

The calls are now out of the money, and the pining must quickly buy back the stock. Option traders with a broad portfolio of options can be very busy on Expiration Friday. Pinning of a stock to a particular strike can be exploited by options traders. One way is to sell both a put and a call struck at the pinned value. Pinning is a highly speculative strategy, with potential for very large profits, and losses as well. Secondly, you pretty much have to be on your computer every minute.

A minute coffee break could turn you into tradin. If things are stable for the first two hours, say until 12 noon ET, Wyat time to think of some good stocks or indices for pinning strategies. There were a lot of fundamental options effects that I just don't understand -- like "pinning. It sounds like the tail wagging the dog. Essentially, there is a river of stock options being bought and sold in some companies on expiration day to hedge against positions. If a stock has been hovering around a certain price, say 95, and hefty put and call bets have been made at or around that strike price, the activity can be wild.

Often, but not always, investors end up buying and selling so much stock to hedge or unwind a position around the strike price that by day's end, the stock has been "pinned" at that level.

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Take a stock like Microsoft MSFTwhich could by month's end have a huge but fairly equal open interest in the September 95 puts and calls. The massive unwinding of my position and other people's positions causes an arbitrage around the strike price. Below is a comprehensive guide to the mechanics of options pinning. What is Option Pinning? Option Pinning refers to price action in stocks as they come into options expiration.

It is often viewed as dark magic, but simply put it is when certain traders and market makers tradung an incentive to optinos an underlying stock around a certain price. Why Does it Happen? There is a problem with holding short options all the way to expiration, especially if they are at the money. That means you have the obligation to purchase stock from the option owner if they decide to exercise their contract.

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Now the only time it is advantageous for an option owner to exercise is if the option is in-the-money. If you sold that AAPL put, do tradiing really want to get assigned? Maybe, but then that leaves you with risk over the weekend, higher commissions, and it ties up your margin. So option shorts often have an incentive to keep the stock price of the underlying above or below a certain strike price. The same occurs with sold calls. This creates a unique source of supply and demand only seen as we come into options expiration.

What does it on like? Price action around a pin often resembles a "damped harmonic oscillator. As the market heads towards the end of the day, the forces attempting to move it away from that strike will diminish and the amount of force required will be reduced as well. It is a second generation delta, if you will. Examples to Illustrate pagebreak Long calls and long puts both always have positive gamma.

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Short calls and short puts both always have negative gamma. It means that the delta of long puts iis become more negative and move otpions The reverse is true for short gamma. The gamma for both the BCI March 50 call and put is. Hedging transactions purchase opposite positions in the market in order to ensure a certain amount of gain or loss on a trade. They are used by portfolio managers and institutional investors to reduce portfolio risk and volatility or lock in profits.

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