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Four billion put option strike

Capital protection-oriented fund is a class opgion closed-end hybrid fund. The capital protection, however, is not guaranteed in India. Capital protection-oriented funds are closed-end mutual fund schemes with a portfolio that is skewed towards debt.

Because it bilpion closed-end, fresh units of the scheme will be available for subscription only during the new optlon offer NFO period. Subsequent purchase and sale of units is possible only on the exchange platform, where the fund is listed. However, this is easier said than done, as secondary market transaction can often become a Herculean task in the absence of sufficient liquidity. The portfolio comprises of a mix of equity and debt, typically of the nature of a hybrid fund.


However, it is heavily oriented towards debt especially zero coupon debt and only a small part of the portfolio is invested in equity. The maturity of the debt portfolio is aligned with the lock-in period of the fund, thereby insulating it from the gyrations of interest rate movements. As debt instruments are held till maturity, the probability of marked-to-market losses due to interest rate fluctuations is mitigated. The capital protection orientation of the fund means that the debt component will be managed in such a manner that the returns from it increase to the level of initial capital invested.

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A much better explanation: Put options give the holder the right to sell shares of the underlying security at the strike price by the expiration date.

Call Option

If the holder exercises his right and sells the shares of the underlying security, then the writer of the put option is obligated to buy the shares from him. Similar to a call option, if a put option holder does not exercise his right before the expiration date, then the option expires worthless. A put option holder expects the market value of the underlying security to fall, whereas the writer is betting the security will increase. Put Option Example: Since you want to own the shares albeit at a lower priceyou sell a put option and just wait until options expiration. Or maybe, you just wish to use a stock you like to bring in steady, reliable income without taking on the capital associated with owning the stock.

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Either way, if the underlying issue closes above your chosen price the strike pricethe put expires worthless bkllion you get to keep the entire premium collected at the outset. If the underlying issue closes below the strike price, you will be put assigned the stock or ETF that you wanted. In other words, you will be obligated to buy the shares at the strike price. You now own the stock you wanted — at the lower price you were willing to pay.

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