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Any value plotted above the x-axis would represent a gain; any value plotted below would indicate a loss.

Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) Option Chain

The blue line below represents the potential profit and loss across the range of underlying prices. For simplicity, we'll begin by taking a look at a long stock position of shares. The diagram in Figure 9 shows the potential profit and loss for this position. As the stock price moves higher, so does the profit; conversely, as the price moves lower, the losses increase. Since there is, in theory, no upper limit to the stock's price, the graph line shows an arrow on one end.

Figure 9: A profit and loss diagram for a pOtions stock this does not factor in any commissions or brokerage fees. With options, the diagram looks a bit different since your downside risk is limited to the premium you paid for the option. Figure A profit and loss diagram for a long option position. Figure 11, taken from the Options Industry Council 's website, shows various options strategies and their corresponding profit and loss diagrams. Is the chart pattern consistent with your initial strategy? To find the trend, look for the overall direction of the stock price and try to draw a straight line in the middle of the stock prices you see.

Once you have drawn this line, then draw the a line on top and a line on the bottom to indicate the channel that it is trading in.

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If you are thinking about buying a call, ask yourself why you think the stock price will go up. If the stock hasn't been trading at that level recently, then it won't be easy for it to get there now either unless their is a new event or new information. Is an earnings announcement coming? Is there a shareholder meeting? Is there a new product or version release coming soon? Support Levels and Buying Call Options If I see a stock chart that indicates there is solid support at a certain lower price and the stock price has come down to that level, it might be a sign to buy a call as the call options will be cheaper and there is a good change the stock price will bounce up off of that support level.

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Now never be greedy! If you are looking for a bounce off the support level and you get it, take your profits! Resistance Levels and Buying Put Options Likewise, if I see a stock chart that indicates there is a strong resistance level at a certain higher price and the stock price is approaching that level, it might be a sign to buy a put as the put options will be cheaper and there is a good change the stock price will come under selling pressure as it nears the resistance level and fall off of that resistance level. Again never be greedy!

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