US dollar: Double top or merely month-end flows?

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Today we Foorex discuss two of the most popular chart patterns used in Spot Forex. This is the Double Top and its reversed equivalent the Double Bottom.

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We Fogex discuss the structure of these two patterns and the potential they create on the chart. Finally, we will show you how to trade the Double Top and Bottom reversal formations using practical examples. Download the short printable PDF version summarizing the key points of this lesson…. They consist of two price swing located approximately on the same level. These patterns typically appear after a trend move. After the confirmation of the pattern, you expect the trend to be reversed.

The trend gets interrupted at some point and the price of the currency pair starts to range. The range consists of two swing tops doyble the chart. After doule creation of the second top, the price action drops and starts pf new bearish trend. The diagram below will help you visualize this process: Above you see the structure of the Double Top chart pattern. Notice that the initial trend is bullish but later it gets reversed after the Double Top formation. Double Bottom Chart Formation The structure of the Double Bottom technical formation is absolutely the same as the Double Top pattern, but upside down.

The Double Bottom chart pattern starts with a bearish trend, which gets interrupted at some point. The price action then enters a range, which creates two bottoms on the chart. After the second bottom, the price breaks the range to start a new bullish trend.

Look at the sketch of the Double Bottom chart pattern below: As mentioned, this is pretty much the same situation as the Double Top, but this time the price action starts with a bearish trend, which gets reversed into a fresh bullish move. Confirmation of Double Tops and Bottoms Although the pattern is fairly easy to recognize and can be traded using a basic set of rules, you cannot simply jump into a trade whenever you see two bottoms or tops on the chart. To initiate a trade based on this pattern, you should first confirm its validity.

There are two details related to the confirmation of the Double Top and the Double Bottom reversal patterns.

How to Trade Double Tops and Double Bottoms

This includes the Neck Line and the breakout. Draw a line from the first top or bottom to the Bollinger Band. The point of intersection becomes your stop. At first glance four standard deviations may seem like an extreme choice.

Double Top

However, all those who have traded financial markets know that price action is anything but normal - if it were, the type of crashes that happen in financial markets every five or 10 years would occur only once every 6, years. Classic statistical assumptions are not very useful for traders. Therefore setting a wider standard-deviation parameter is a must. Before deciding to trade forex and commodity futures, you should carefully consider your financial objectives, level of experience and risk appetite.

Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices or other information contained herein is intended as general information about the subject matter covered and is provided with the understanding that we do not provide any investment, legal, or tax advice. You should consult with appropriate counsel or other advisors on all investment, legal, or tax matters. References to Forex. The same logic applies for the opposite direction. If the herd are to bring more long orders than short orders into the market, then the market maker will naturally and automatically accumulate a net short position.

Meanwhile, as the ultimate counterparty, the market maker automatically accumulates a position counter to the direction of the trend!

The two screenshots below depict what happens during a trend from the perspective of the market maker. The screenshot on the left shows a downward trend. Based on our thesis, we know that the herd is net selling, while the market maker is net buying. In other words, the market maker is building a net long position. The screenshot on the right shows an upward trend. Likewise, based on our thesis, we know that the herd is net buying, while the market maker is net selling. After entering long into the market, traders will place a protective stop a few pips below the lowest low of the pattern and a limit equal to twice the size of the stop.

Very few patterns clearly illustrate the reversals in market direction like the forex double top and forex double bottom patterns. It is important to always use a protective stop when trading and waiting for confirmation of the pattern to filter and reduce the number of pattern failures that can happen. Follow me on Twitter gregmcleodtradr.

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This Fprex provided you entry and exit rules tpos trading forex double bottoms and forex double tops. Learn how to incorporate MACD divergence with these patterns to increase reliability. Experienced, contrarian traders are like patient snipers, waiting to pick-off the enemy when the confluence of events come together and the chart looks ripe for the picking. You see, professional traders are looking to take advantage of the herd, just as a pack of lions tries to find the weakness in a herd of zebras. Essentially, professionals know that markets ebb and flow and that they are much more likely to retrace and revert to the mean than they are to carry on in a straight line for a long period.

Beginning and unsuccessful traders tend to think the opposite; they will buy when prices are near the top or sell when near the low, only to get caught on the wrong side of the market as prices inevitably retrace back the opposite way.

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