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Oil is an extremely valuable technopogy, inextricably linked with all other industrial and manufacturing processes. DUNS Numbers Metal Products SMG has expertise in providing complete solutions in metal fzd right from manufacturing and marketing a wide range of standard and customised cutting tools to machining of high precision metal components. For seamless oil trade across vast geographical regions, the number of equipment items and supplies are crucial. Product Manufacturing Expertise We consider our ability to offer adherence to the highest quality standards crucial to satisfying the needs of our customers.

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Globa We are happy to prove the capabilities of our technology, as well as guarantee our customers satisfaction. Cutting Tools Cabins for off- highway vehicles Shock Absorbers. Commitment and dedication have enabled the company to emerge to the forefront not just within the UAE, but also several Middle Eastern and Asian nations. Several brands either aspire to or already have set up shop in the emirates.

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Our company is committed to delivering the highest quality standards. The Group also specializes in manufacturing of high precision machined metal components and assemblies, using different technologies and also offer a diverse spectrum of metal based solutions ranging from small components like clutch pulleys for car ACs to complete cabins for off Global technology fzc vehicles. We deal in a range of oilfield equipment and supplies, engineering products, and construction materials, including structural steel. SMG undertakes metal working and the manufacture of various forms of cutting tools, including Cubic Boron Nitride CBN and Polycrystalline Diamond PCD cutting tools and drills, high speed steel gear cutting tools, and advanced thin film coating services.

The United Arab Emirates has procured an eminent reputation as a global trading and investment hub all over the world. By expanding its range in the metal machining services, SMG has become an integrated solution provider in metal cutting. The country has a high human development index, and has proven extremely attractive for tourists and aspiring residents alike.

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We look to dzc long lasting partnerships with our clients and are willing to assist with issues as they occur, to be asked for advice regarding potential projects, and to customize our services and products as desired. Part of the prized status of the country is its well established and constantly growing industrial and retail sector. The Group also provides advanced thin film coating services. Edealing in oilfield equipments and supplies, engineering products, construction materials including structural steel.

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