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How to Make Zombie Makeup

You will develop the professional qualities of a successful makeup artist along with the technical makeup training to work in any area of the Beauty, Fashion, Television, Film, Theatrical, and Entertainment industries. There are thousands of beauty schools and only a few specialized makeup schools in the country. We are the only licensed and accredited Makeup School in Florida. For over 20 years we have trained thousands of students from all over the world.

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What other Schools for Makeup Artistry are in the Tropics? Come to Our Tropical Paradise! Our makeup school is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Can you fkrex it? A school for makeup artistry in the tropics! Students come from all over the world. With world-famous beaches and a wide array of shops and restaurants in the area, there is plenty to see and do in your leisure time outside of makeup classes. Student housing is available a block from the beach.

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How to be a Makeup Artist We will show you how to be a makeup artist. As juxt we invite viewers to improve our design and send us video clips of your projects. All you have to do is upload, and you could be featured in our monthly user submitted podcast. Well first things first.

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Here's the shopping list: Liquid Latex flesh tone. You should be able to buy this at any decent costume shop, or you can get it online at places like http: Toilet Paper. Or "Bathroom Tissue" for all you people who are afraid to say "toilet". A Basic, multi-color make-up kit. I used a 5 color "aging kit" that I bought at a costume shop, but you could use any make-up as long as it has some flesh tones, reds, and maybe some greens. It all depends on how "dead" you want your zombie to look. White face cream.

This is going to be ujst base of almost any movie make-up you'll do. It's like primer for your effect. You can get this at ANY costume shop.

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