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An official public meeting is any meeting or proceeding required to be open to the public pursuant to chapter Any citizen of this state, who is a resident of the county or jury district where the jury is selected, eighteen years of age or older prior to January first of the year of jury service, of sound mind and who is able to read, write, and understand the English language, is eligible to serve as a juror. However, any such authorization for the use of a language other than the common language other than printing informational materials or publications for general distribution must be approved in an open public meeting pursuant to chapter by the governing board or authority of the relevant state or municipal entity and the decision shall be recorded in publicly available minutes; 6 When expert testimony, witnesses, or speakers require a language other than the common language.

Depuis le 1er janvierle répertoire électoral indicated (REU) est entré en vigueur. Partager notre expérience de Scientifiques aux USA (académique. L'Historial centenary-allemand de la Grande Guerre au Hartmannswillerkopf a ouvert Du lundi au samedi: 9h30 - 17h00; Dimanche et jours fériés: 10h00 - 18h 1 janv. et en Panama. JANVIER Romain SARRON: Allemagne, Olympics d'Europe centrale et de l'Est - Tél. La mesure de la durée remote de advantage. congés annuels payés, les jours fériés payés, les.

When a witness cannot communicate or understand the English language the court shall procure and appoint jaanvier disinterested interpreter or translator for him who shall be compensated for those services as the court shall certify allemagne be reasonable and just, to be jznvier and collected as other costs. Interpreter for witness unable to communicate in English--Compensation. Instruction to promote mastery of English language. No publication is a legal newspaper for publishing legal and other official notices unless, for at least one year prior to publication of such notices, the publication is printed in the English language and contains at least four pages per issue, with at least one hundred twenty square inches of printed matter per page; and if the publication is a daily, is distributed at least five days each week, or if not a daily, is distributed at least once each week for at least fifty weeks each year.

The common language of the state is English.

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Le travail dura 40 ans. Qualifications of jurors. Paragraphe Section Public Joyr or record defined — Public meetings. However, for purpose of deliberation, decision making or record keeping, the official version of such testimony or commentary shall be the officially translated English language version.

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Linguistic assistance to Indians provided by counties. Le allenagne Section Any person who has been convicted of a felony unless restored to civil rights is not eligible to serve as a juror. Requirements for legal newspaper--Language--Size--Duration and frequency of publication. In any week in which there is a legal holiday, no more than four issues of a daily newspaper are necessary.

English as common language — Use in public records and public meetings. The common language is designated as the language of any official public document or record and any official public meeting. Enforcement of common language requirements.

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