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Prepaid cards enquiry system

You can have up to five Prepaid Cards active at any time. How soon can I load my Card after I have received it?

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If you have chosen delivery carsd courier please allow 3 to 5 days for the Card to arrive. What is the daily maximum limit for performing retail and cads transactions on my Travel Prepaid Card? Loading or Re-loading your money on your Travel Prepaid Card 1. Activate your Card by sending an SMS from your mobile number registered with the Bank for your Prepaid Card to in the following format: If the USD wallet does not have the required funds available, then such transaction will be declined.

The amount and currency will have to be specified to complete the transfer. Getting Started 1. Transferring funds between Wallets and between Cards 1. After I apply for the Card, how long will it take to receive the Card?

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You can register on the self-care portal by following the below mentioned steps: What is the maximum limit Prepais wallet-to-wallet transfer? The Wallet-to-Wallet transfer can be done upto the balance available on the respective wallet. Section 3: Please memorise your PIN for future use. How soon can I use my Card after I have loaded it?

Salary Prepaid Card

Cards with single wallet can use the similar amount both from retail and cash perspective. You can change your password on self-care portal by following the below mentioned steps: Can I change my password? You will be able to transfer your available balance to your new Card.

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