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Women s platform sandals shoes

Some of these types of sandals based on their heels are described as below: Wedges can be covered or uncovered from the front part of feet. Pump heels look practical and hence gives a professional look to a person. They cannot be wear casually as they are very much high almost 5 to 6 inches and sometimes less also.

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They can come with or without straps Womeb can go over the instep or will cover the ankle part. One can found these heels in the form of a shoes, sandals, boots or with any simple footwear. These pencil heels are usually high in inches. These heels improve efficiency of a woman to walk for longer period of time.

Platform Heels

But due to sandlas so much high heel and thin length people always prefer sandsls wear it in any party or occasion. Wedges have become very popular now a days and can be worn with any dress or also with jeans and top. Sandals Sandals are a type of footwear which consists of a sole and are held with straps which sometimes go over the instep or sometimes over ankle. These heels have become the choice of almost every women and every woman must have a pair of wedge heel with her.

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