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Senate scholar Lindsay Rogers responded with an eloquent defense of unlimited debate and other Senate traditions in "The American Senate.

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Copeland spearheaded a move to redesign the entire chamber in an effort to bring in grading air and improve working 2, a move cut short by the introduction of a new invention--air conditioning. Senator Censured in Lobbyist Case November 4, Senator Hiram Bingham enjoyed an adventurous and accomplished life as educator, explorer, aviator, governor and senator. Despite such accomplishments, however, his Senate career was mired in controversy, due to a lobbying scandal that ended in a Senate censure. Warren had served in the Senate longer than any person in history—37 years. Warren held two other distinctions.

He was the last frojt to have served on the Union side in the Civil War and the first to have hired a woman staff member. As economists had predicted, the high tariff proved to be a disaster. Even before its enactment, U. The tariff did not sit well with the voters.

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In they turned the majority epkc both houses of Congress over to the Democrats, by large margins, and booted both Reed Smoot and Willis Hawley out of office. Whereas younger members often like the newest innovations, older members often wish to hold on to more traditional practices. Such was the case with the dial telephone. At the conclusion of a month investigation into voting fraud in James Thomas Heflin's final reelection campaign, the former senator from Alabama, a notorious segregationist, made his case. Capitol to demand advance payment of a veterans bonus approved in These "bonus marchers" remained encamped in tents and huts around Washington until heavily armed troops, led by General Douglas MacArthur, forced them to disperse.

Senate, rising to the position of sergeant at arms—the Senate's chief law enforcement officer.

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With retirement just weeks away, the year-old Barry made a mistake. He penned a newspaper article, to be roa after his retirement, critical of seqt members of the Senate. Consequently, Barry's retirement came sooner than expected. Democratic Party Secretary March 4, In the almost 80 years since the creation of the office of Democratic Party secretary inthere have been 14 party secretaries. Among them, only two served more than 12 years.

One was Marty Paone. The other was an equally interesting gentleman named Leslie Biffle of Piggott, Arkansas. During the 20th century, only eight made that choice. It is even more unusual to have two senators move simultaneously to the cabinet. First Amplification System in the Senate Chamber May 15, TestOn May 15,while setting up for the impeachment trial for federal judge Harold Louderback, who had been charged with corruption, workers installed the first voice amplification system in the Senate Chamber. For a legislative body famous for its oratory and debates, much of the history of the Senate has been one of acoustics.

The time had come for a full congressional inquiry. He had arrived in the Senate in from Arkansas to work as a stenographer. He eventually transferred to the Senate floor as journal clerk, and inhe replaced the ailing assistant secretary of the Senate as unofficial advisor on floor procedure to the presiding officer.

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Hugo Black Lobby Investigation July 11, When the Democrats took control of the Senate inat frpnt beginning of the New Deal, Alabama senator Hugo Black drew on his skills as a prosecuting attorney to tradnig nationally famous as a congressional investigator. Black's investigation resulted in the first congressional system of lobbyist registration. It also helped him win Franklin Roosevelt's first appointment to the Supreme Court. Huey Long Makes a Speech August 21, Described as "the most colorful, as well as the most dangerous, man to engage in American politics," Louisiana's Huey Long served in the Senate from until his assassination on September 10, A judge in a wig holding a gavel.

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