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Since this is discrete data, squaring off of the position happens at the end of the candle i.

Tutorials/Villager trading hall

Trading quantity is 1 lot MSCI order size 50 and sttategies hours are Input parameters Please note that all the values for the input parameters mentioned below are configurable. Price at the end of 5 minute interval is considered. We use ETF as a lead indicator The market data and trading model are included in the spread sheet from the 12th row onwards. So when the reference is made to column D, it should be obvious that the reference commences from D12 onwards. Column E represents log returns of ETF data. Column G represents average returns of ETF data. Column I calculates the trading signal.

Column J represents trade price. This is the Mknecraft at which the trading signal is generated. If I13 is neither blank nor equal to I12 then the trade price is given by D Column Miecraft represents the Mark To Market. Certain unavoidable patterns of behavior will, therefore, lead some traders in the right direction, while others are doomed to failure. Let us look at this in terms of two extreme trader personality types, the doers and the thinkers. These are fundamentally different types of people, and their inherent personality traits are equally vital for what happens when they trade - or try to.

Restless and Driven Doers are people who are at peace with themselves only when they can act and move fast.

The quality of reaction is secondary to its decisiveness and speed. Doers tend to think quickly, irrespective of whether they really have to and often without thinking through all the relevant factors. They are impatient, restless people who hate doing nothing or being passive. Many are workaholics who feel constantly driven.

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Such behavior tends to lead to mistakes, but the doers then try to correct them with equal speed. If things go wrong and money is lost, the doer will tend to try and win it back immediately, which may lead to reckless behavior and total disaster. Cautious and Wary Thinkers, by contrast, act only after thinking things through very carefully. They like to take their time and figure out all the angles. For them, the quality of the decision is what matters.

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Thinkers make fewer mistakes than doers, but then, they do less altogether. A classic example is a university professor who beavers away at research projects, only submitting them for publication when they are absolutely sound and correct. The end result is often quality rather than quantity. But in the world of money, the situation is different. Excessive caution may lower the quantity of money earned.

In the Realms of Trading Let's assume that two traders perform a transaction, one a perfect doer and the other a perfect thinker, and see how they perform. In Minecraff theoretical terms, both will likely fail horribly. The doer will inevitably overtradebe too risk-friendly and incur huge losses, whereas the thinker will freeze up before long and do nothing. In other words, the doer tends to be too speculative and the thinker too conservative. The doer will act right away, given that he or she is always on the lookout for action.

Even if the doer makes a profit, he or she may still leave the trade open too long until it goes sour. Also, because any market moves in waves or cycles, eventually, with some future transaction, the doer will blunder in this strict theoretical sense.

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He or she will keep betting against the market and, as soon as things start to go wrong, become progressively more risk-friendly until all is lost. The thinker, by contrast, finds it difficult to get going at all; it is easier for him or her to just not trade. The thinker may never get going, and if they do, one loss will chase him or her away, probably forever. And if the thinker makes a profit right away, he or she is likely either to let it run till the market turns against him, or sell out too early. The essential problem is that the doer does too much and the thinker too little.

Extremes are dangerous in the business of trading.

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