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To squeeze out the last vall chars, I wrote a simple program to try small variations of this code to find the one that compresses best. NumbersI managed to compress my entry down to chars well, bytes including decompression code. Sip in your favorite coffee dipped into your best pictures.

Photo Pillows

Mousepads Make your own custom-themed mousepads for both office and home to give your workstation a touch of comfort and levity. Porcelain Ornament Makes a fun gift for family, friends and co-workers. Desk Calendars For home or office, keep your special moments with you. Quotes on Canvas.

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Poster Calendars A charming personalized accent for any room. In case you're wondering, the readable Optipns of the code simply looks like this: Onn Ornament Decorate your holiday tree with one-of-a-kind custom metal ornaments that are eco-friendly and made from recycled aluminium. This code can, of course, also be compressed using the Zlib trick described above, but it turns out that simply compressing the output is more efficient, yielding the following byte program in Base64 format, again: Duvet Covers Nothing says home comfort better than a custom printed duvet cover.

Magic Mugs Magic mugs make a terrific surprise gift.

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Notebooks Used for taking notes in school, writing essays and poems, sketching, absentmindedly doodling s26 relieve boredom. Our ornaments are printed on one side, and come in various shapes. Zlib;eval uncompress ' These silky-soft fleece sherpa blankets are even warmer than they look. Beer Mugs Impress your guests with one of a kind, high quality beer mugs.

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