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Students learn theories and concepts related to providing healthcare, focusing on routine and wellness issues for pediatric patients.

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This class may also cover child development theories, developmental issues, and behavioral issues in children. Neonatal Disease Practice: Nurse practitioner students tarding how to care for neonatal patients, including preterm and term infants in neonatal intensive care units. Faculty teach theoretical understandings of common neonatal diseases and may require participants to complete a clinical experience to gain hands-on skills. This course also builds clinical management skills. Health Informatics: Many nurse practitioner programs feature health informatics coursework, which provides a conceptual foundation for understanding informatics.

Covered topics nrsing include information systems used in healthcare, theoretical models, healthcare computing, and data management. Students may also study ethical and social issues related to healthcare informatics. Evidence-Based Methods and Practices: Neonatal nurse practitioner programs use evidence-based methods and practice courses to translate theoretical knowledge into practice. Students may gain clinical experience working under a preceptor, and the course may also cover research skills, various methods for patient care, and the needs of vulnerable populations.

Otpions Internship Component The best online neonatal nurse practitioner programs incorporate a clinical component into the curriculum. Practica often include a set number of hours of hands-on experience working in a clinical setting, with some programs requiring as many as 1, hours. Students enrolled in accredited online neonatal nurse practitioner programs complete these clinical requirements locally by finding a local preceptor who has been approved by their program. In some cases, students can meet these clinical requirements by working for their current employer.

Neonatal nurse practitioners in most states must complete the certification offered by the National Certification Corporation NCC in order to practice. Candidates must also pass an examination. This credential must be renewed every three years. Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner: Offered by the American Academy of Nurse Practitionersboard certification recognizes nurse practitioners who can practice prenatal, pediatric, and family care. Candidates must hold an accredited graduate degree from a nurse practitioner program. After passing a question examination, nurse practitioners earn their credential, which they must maintain by completing continuing education credits.

Accreditation for Online Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs Accreditation acts as a marker of educational excellence. Colleges and universities that hold regional accreditation qualify for federal funding, and credits earned at these institutions can be to transferred to other schools more easily.

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Nurwing students can check whether an institution holds accreditation by visiting databases hosted by the Department of Education or the Council for Higher Blards Accreditation. These accrediting agencies evaluate nursing programs in terms of student learning outcomes, graduation requirements, and faculty qualifications. An accredited nurse practitioner degree helps graduates earn licenses and certifications, and many employers only hire nurse practitioners with an accredited degree. Accreditation also ensures that a program follows the best practices for nursing education.

Their job responsibilities vary depending on the setting.

Advanced practice registered nurses, such as neonatal nurse practitioners, can work independently with patients or in collaboration nursiing physicians, depending on the state in which they practice. Nurse practitioners earn an average annual salary that approaches six figures, and the BLS projects a much higher than average demand in this field over the next decade. Salaries vary according to region: Neonatal nurse practitioners in some states earn significantly higher salaries. The following table shows the median salaries for five nursing professions by career level. Broome The mission of our Board of Advisors BOA is to assist and advise our Dean on strategic priorities and initiatives focused on attainment of our school's mission.

Board of Advisors

In addition, board members are committed to supporting philanthropic efforts by serving as advocates, connectors and individual donors. The BOA provides strategic advice to our Dean focused on achieving strategic goals in nursing research, education and practice. Shah provides clinical guidance for the hypertension program and works to expand Livingo's assets into other parts of the health care market. Shah has held a faculty appointment at Duke-National University of Singapore Medical School and s currently on faculty at Duke University as a practicing cardiologist. Guy Arnall, Jr. Arnall practices internal medicine and has been in practice in Newnan, GA since Blue represents individuals and business in civil litigations, transactions and general advisory.

Chulick is a leader in the health care industry currently serving as the president and CEO of Wyoming Medical Center, the largest health care system in the state.

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In this role, she focuses on quality healthcare delivery, patient and family experience, excellence in patient care, and employee engagement. She was previously president of the ventures division of Children's Health System of Texas, where she also served as executive vice president and chief administrative officer. Erdman is a national health care leader and nurse. Prior to joining Carolina Breast Friends, she previously held key senior national leadership positions with four global health organizations: Erdman has also served in top leadership positions with several hospitals and health care systems including Carolinas HealthCare System and Novant Health.

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