PFG bester bankruptcy forex customers getting the stick @ Forex Factory

Pfg forex metals legal account list

The court seems to be treating the Forex customers as a "right off" even though the money stolen came from the futures area. Combining this with excellent exchange rates, competitive fees and a dedication to your security, why look anywhere else?

PFG forex, metals customers want justice

Please read this entire e-mail as this is not spam. They are the reason this happened after 20 years. Legwl 1, 3: In fact, if you carefully read thru all the Motions, schedules accoujt documents submitted to the bankruptcy court, nothing could be farther from the truth. Our range of flexible remittance options includes local bank deposits, international wire transfers and Cash Pick-Ups to selected destinations. UK is safer,sadly americans are barred by cftc, who are intent on protecting their futures business. This is real, and it is happening right now. This is an email account dedicated to initiating contact with us.

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The Trustee mtals Mr. We offer you a fast, secure and easy way to send money overseas. Since we are all traders and none of us has the expertise or experience necessary to represent ourselves and our accounts in such a precedent setting bankruptcy case, we feel we have hired the right experienced attorneys to represent us in the courtroom. Know More Agent Locations With nearly agent locations across Australia, it's easy to send money with us.

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His testimony in front of Judge Doyle was the first step in representing our accounts. The legall PFG bankruptcy proceedings and the lack of action by the Trustee to disperse our FX and Metals funds to us are creating many questions and causes for concern. This session, as well as all official court proceedings, were documented and recorded by the court. Wasendorf had stolen came out of futures accounts and no money was stolen from Forex accounts.

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